how to remove subtitles on youtube , how to find deleted youtube videos

How do I turn off YouTube Subtitles?

It is very easy to turn off captions on YouTube on an Android phone/tablet or iPhone/iPad. On the video playing page, you can also find a cc button. If the subtitle shows up, you can click the cc button to disable it. Likewise, if the subtitle doesn’t appear, you can click the cc button to turn it on.May 23, 2022

How do I get rid of Subtitles?

On Android TV: Press UP to highlight the “Settings” item. Press OK to activate the menu. Navigate to Subtitles and select the language you want. Press back to exit the menu.

How do I stop ads on YouTube?

YouTube: How to block ads on Android Method 1: You can simply download a third-party ad blocker app on your Android smartphone. Just go to Play Store and install the “Free Adblocker Browser: Adblock & Private Browser” app. While you can choose to download any other app, we tried this service as it was pretty effective.Jan 11, 2022

Can I remove ads from my YouTube videos?

You can’t disable ads displayed on videos uploaded by other members, but you can deactivate advertisements on your own video clips and YouTube channel as long as you own all the rights to the content of the video clip, including audio, images and the video footage.

Why can’t I delete my YouTube comment?

Only if it’s on your video. If it’s on someone else’s video, you can’t do anything about it. You can report a comment and if it breaks the rules, YouTube will delete it.Apr 15, 2021

Can you delete comments on your YouTube channel?

You can delete comments and hide users right from their action post on your video. To do this, click on the dots icon on the right side of the person’s comment and choose an action. You can moderate individual YouTube comments directly from the comment on the video itself.Jan 10, 2017

Can I upload directly to YouTube?

Select the account you would like to post your video to. A pop-up window will appear requesting access. Click Allow. Complete the details then click Save to publish your video directly on YouTube.

How do I clip and save a YouTube video?

Step 1: Open the downloaded YouTube video in your Gallery app, and click on the scissor or edit icon from the menu bar. Step 2: Use the blue slider to select the portion you want to cut, and save as a separate video.Jun 17, 2022

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